Ammunition Wooden Boxes

The wooden boxes shells provide excellent protection, stand up to rough handling, allow stacking, save space, have a low tare weight, provide safe and economical packaging and ensure easy movement. Phytosanitary protection for the wooden pallets is provided through high-temperature thermal treatment (HT) and additional protection can be provided through preservative treatment against moulds, fungi, insects and termites.

Wooden boxes and pallets for propelling charges packaging are built according to specification TL 8140-092 and tested to ensure safe transportation of the goods.

Wirebound containers offer maximum protection, withstand rough handling, permit high stacking, occupy less cube, have a low tare weight, and keep packaging costs low.

Our M2A1 wirebound plywood container is used for the 5.56mm, 9mm, 45cal and 7.62mm cartridges. It is manufactured according to military specification designated PPP-B-585D. It is one of the most popular types used by the US Army and Marines, is per military drawing 7553347, and includes a special heat treatment and a preservative treatment.

Piovesan Ugo & C Snc can produce wooden pallets according to its customers’ designs.

Prices normally include customer marking, and vary in accordance with the quantity ordered and availability of materials.